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    Data Mining

    Our data mining Services

    Banyan Tree Analytics Solutions may be a full service data mining company. We handle projects both large and little , with the assistance of competent staff which is in a position to deal with any of the info mining needs of your company. Our services include –
    • Web data mining – We take data from round the internet supported your specific needs for both public and personal businesses, of all shapes and sizes. we’ve advanced data collection tools that are proven effective at delivering comprehensive web data collection for analysis
    • Social Media data mining – Through data collected from social media, we will assist you uncover information that’s valuable to your business, including the promotion of latest products and services, evaluating your competitors, spotting trends, and far more
    • SQL data mining – With SQL data processing , we will use our advanced tools to comb the online for the virtually unlimited amount of data currently available on the web . Our SQL data mining services are capable of making massive databases of data for modeling. Perfect for giant scale, multinational clients, banyan tree Analytics Solutions is that the perfect option to outsource business critical information. We use a number of automated and manual SQL data mining techniques to match the requirements of the clients
    • Image data mining – data mining isn’t limited to numbers and words. it’s now possible to perform large and little scale image retrieval services from large datasets viewed over the web , and prepare them for analysis and study
    • Excel data mining – we will create or take any existing Excel database, prepare it, and apply a spread of models and formulas. This data is a superb choice for financial and business planning, or any sort of data processing need
    • Word data mining – we’ve the capabilities to extract and analyze data from large volumes of text contained in databases, or in Microsoft Word, or printed material. Our Word data mining services are often used for medical and research project , legal issues, financial transaction data, and more
    • PDF data mining – Using in-house technology, we’ll use a number of macros and algorithms to extract information which will assist you meet the client’s objectives and people of the business, and make sure that you’re finding the knowledge you would like
    • Open Source data mining – For clients that prefer data mining using open source software, we will utilize any Open Source software that you simply choose, and adapt it to your specific requirements
    • Image data processing – Our offline image data mining services are great for examining large image databases. they’re often wont to support medical applications and criminal investigation, also as in meteorology and geosciences
    Other Services
    We are one among the most important data mining companies currently available, which suggests that we are ready to offer different services specifically to match the requirements of our clients. Additional services that we provide include:
    • Web Data Extraction – We are ready to retrieve data from unstructured sources, like sites , emails, online databases, and more, and place them into useable databases for storage, processing, migration, or analysis
    • Screen Scraping – When a legacy application has grown obsolete, we will use a way referred to as “Screen Scraping” to capture data from the appliance so as to possess it display employing a more modern interface
    If there’s a knowledge mining service that you simply can’t see it here, likelihood is that we’ve the tools and expert staff available to form it a reality. Get in-tuned with our representatives to debate your unique requirements.
    Read our case study where we helped a corporation to exhaustively collect and collate data for a nature portal they were developing.
    Benefits of Outsourcing data mining Services to banyan Analytics Solutions
    We believe putting the client first. that’s why once you outsource your data mining requirements to banyan tree Analytics solutions, we’ll confirm that you simply have the info you would like to enhance your bottom line and see the utmost return on your investment. once you work with banyan tree Analytics Solutions, you will be working with a corporation capable of providing the subsequent benefits:
    • Full Service data mining Resources – Our team uses only the foremost technologically advanced resources and tools for its data mining process. we’ve staff whose sole responsibilities are to form sure that the client’s needs are met from starting to end. we’ve team members who can scan documents and forms into electronic formats, professionals who are educated in HTML, CGI, ASP, JSP, PHP, and therefore the ones who can capture information for you, and far more
    • Swift Turnaround – Our turnaround is one among the simplest within the industry. Our largest projects are completed often within one month or less, and smaller projects could also be completed within but 24 hours. Your dedicated staff members will confirm that you simply are kept well informed of the estimated completion time, also as any delays along the way (if any)
    • Complete Data Security – we all know how important your data and privacy are to you. that’s why we use a VPN for data sharing, and have a trained, expert security team protect your data and ensure confidentiality. Your trust is our top concern at banyan tree Analytics Solutions, and we’ve put into place a spread of systems to stay all of your information safe
    • Quality Controls – We also confirm that you’re receiving the very best quality product available. we’ve a series of quality control in situ . you’ll make certain that you are going to receive accurate and error free files, and if you are doing spot any issues we’ll make every effort to repair them immediately


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