Data Science & Modelling

Data modeling is a crucial skill for every data scientist, whether you are doing research design or architecting a new data store for your company. The ability to think clearly and systematically about the key data points to be stored and retrieved, and how they should be grouped and related, is what the data modeling component of data science is all about.

Predictive Analytics

The internet business transformation has prompted an information storm bringing its own arrangement of chances and difficulties. In a seriously serious market, admittance to and viable utilization of information examination can spell the distinction between progress and disappointment. While organizations today, regardless of whether B2B or B2C, have unhindered admittance to an abundance of information, they actually keep on battling to take advantage of the estimation of their interest in the information. Shockingly, this is just on the grounds that they can’t measure and investigate data viably. Albeit, the number of prescient investigation stages are promptly accessible, their value focuses to make them not really financial plan inviting, as it can drive up the cost further.

Classification – Clustering

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Model Development & Deployment

Model deployment is quite possibly the most troublesome cycle of acquiring an incentive from Machine learning. It requires coordination between Data scientists, IT groups, programmers, and business experts to guarantee the model works dependably in the association’s creation climate. This presents a significant test in light of the fact that there is frequently an error between the programming language where a Machine learning model is composed and the dialects your creation framework can comprehend, and re-coding the model can broaden the task course of events by weeks or months.

Big Data & Analytics

In this increasingly digitized world, the quantity of knowledge generated is growing at an exponential rate. All businesses face challenges in managing and making sense of this massive data and are seeking best practices to handle data meaningfully. Discovering the secrets hidden during this ‘Big Data’ is that the key think about driving and developing future strategies which may help businesses gain the competitive edge.
Banyan Tree Analytics has been at the forefront of the large Data revolution for the past five years. we’ve found out an enormous Data Center of Competency and are staffed with senior Data Scientists including Hadoop Certified Big Data professionals which differentiates us from other Big Data Service Providers.

Data Mining

Banyan Tree Analytics Solutions may be a full service data mining company. We handle projects both large and little , with the assistance of competent staff which is in a position to deal with any of the info mining needs of your company. Our services include –
• Web data mining – We take data from round the internet supported your specific needs for both public and personal businesses, of all shapes and sizes. we’ve advanced data collection tools that are proven effective at delivering comprehensive web data collection for analysis
• Social Media data mining – Through data collected from social media, we will assist you uncover information that’s valuable to your business, including the promotion of latest products and services, evaluating your competitors, spotting trends, and far more

Model Automation

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Turning Data Into Actions



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