Report automation using vba

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    Report automation using vba

    Decisions in IT procurement and resource allocation could reduce the life expectancy of your code. In other words, understand that there is a risk of wasting your time developing a VBA solution that is either replaced by a business intelligence tool in a few weeks or rendered obsolete because of an unforeseen business process change Banyan Tree Analytics provide you automated report specific to a client that you were working with and they terminated their agreement with your company.

    Since business intelligence tool licenses can cost thousands of dollars and most companies use MS Office by default, I think there is far less risk in starting a VBA project, finding out that it is no longer viable, and then abandoning it completely. Alternatively, you could investigate the functionality of a new business intelligence tool, spend hours of time training yourself on how to use it, and then find out that there are compatibility issues (or other unanticipated limitations) with it.


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